7 Days, June 6

[sigh] We said be cool

"It's Pride Month: We're begging you, straight people. Be cool." How fucking offensive! You may not have noticed but many, if not most, straight people, around here and probably everywhere else, either support and accept the gays and celebrate their right to be who they choose to be or don't waste their time worrying about how other people live. I can only assume that you supercilious twits don't care as long as you get an opportunity to be hip, superior, and snarky. This is right down there with your little condescending ironic digs about the "inferior" people who live in Española or the people who are "stupid enough" to be Catholics. It must be hard to be a terminal hipster in a backwater tourist trap.

Ed Fields
Santa Fe

Editor's Note: We printed this letter as we received it, but the terms "inferior" and "stupid enough," purportedly quotes from SFR, have never been used by SFR in these contexts.

Cover, June 6: “Democratic Primary Election Results”

Paper ain’t free tho

I believe that all media, print, digital, and TV have an obligation to our democracy to educate and give free and equal quantity, a generous amount of media to each candidate in every election. … Free media for candidates will help reduce the corrupting influence of campaign finance contributions better than any other law or oversight.

Without the League of Women Voters' website and candidate information, I would have little if not no information of candidates. …

Defense of our democratic government relies on an informed voter. Fair, informed elections need media support for all candidates disregarding paid political ads.

Media, will all of you come to the aid of your country? Hopefully before November 2018.

Lynn Allen


In last week's coverage of election returns, SFR incorrectly described the boundaries of legislative District 46. It does not include Rio Arriba County.

Aubrey Dunn is running for Senate. In last week's reporting on the winner of the primary for land commissioner, SFR incorrectly stated that he is running for that office.

Cibola National Forest was, in fact, not closed at the time that we published The Enthusiast (June 6: "Crews Cut")—however, portions of that forest will indeed be closed starting this Friday. Sorry, folks.

Lastly: The cover image on our June 6 edition is also the cover of our Summer Guide insert, and was taken by LeRoy Sanchez.