Web Extra, May 10: “Strong Signals”

It’s Science!

From what I've heard these cell distribution points are very low wattage. They supposedly put out about the same amount of energy as a home phone or TV clicker. If anyone has other info I'd like to know.

Paul White

It’s Science?

One day when people accept the data of how damaging cell towers are to the human body, they will start tearing them down. I hope to live to see that day.

Lisa M Stakes

It’s All Good, Man

This city is completely insane and I love it! The Better Call Saul cosplayers are so good at staying in character!

Andrew Gaspar

Web Extra, May 14: “Uncertain Future for Teen Arts Center”


In my tenure there, I don't recall there being an issue with self initiative. Quite the opposite. Empowered teens/young adults can be kind of intense though. There was certainly quite a bit of passion from young folks to make the transition, whatever it was—something that would retain the spirit of the old WH. Because it had to happen—no choice with the old building being torn down. But there many other new good things growing out of that spirit. I hope that the building finds out what it was meant to be.

Sarah Coleman-Craig
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Web Extra, May 9: “The Most Important Election You’ve Never Heard Of”

The Future Is …

I am ready for the first female land commissioner in New Mexico history! Oh, and Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard is also the most qualified, progressive Dem in the race, and does not take oil and gas [money], BTW. And she has never been a member of the GOP, like her primary opponents. (One as recently as three years ago—AHEM.)

Amy Storey
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