News, April 4: “Smoother Skies”

They Will Come

Build the terminal. If you build it, they will come. Meow Wolf is attracting millenials by the thousands. Parents and kids are hearing of MW through word of mouth and vacations are being planned around this game-changing facility. A better terminal would be in direct competition with the Sunport and eliminate an hour's drive time. Higher passenger volume would attract more flights. The new Descartes is attracting professionals who would love to live anywhere but California with its high cost of living. A better Santa Fe is looming, and we all need to embrace it.

Joe Eddie Davis

News, March 28: “There Goes the Neighborhood”

I’ll Tax Your Seat

Great article on an often overlooked topic. We desperately need affordable rental housing and we have these units sitting empty too often. At the very least we should find additional ways to tax these units and dedicate the funds to affordable rental housing.

Paul Gibson

The Interface, March 28: “Webber on the Web”


If digging downtown violates lands holy to the Pueblos, then how did Comcast cables come to be dug into those lands holy to the Pueblos? (NB: I ask because Comcast seems to have a legislated monopoly on my broadband service; and Comcast provides notoriously poor—and surly—customer  support.)

Albo P Fossa
Santa Fe

Pound It

I'm astonished that we have a mayor whose understanding of technology leads him to believe that bandwidth is like widening roads. From this explanation we can expect that we'll always be behind the eight ball. Let's try this: We (the collective "we" as citizens of Santa Fe) pay for cell phone service that is not being delivered. We need the mayor to pound the table and demand the service that is being paid for—period. Commiserating with how tough it is for Verizon to deliver what they are taking our money for is not his job. A little backbone please, sir!

Will Sharon

¡Pour Vida!: March  28 “The Too-Loud Kitsch of Noisy Water”

That’s What a Review Is

There's an appropriate way to review a new restaurant or bar in a simple one paragraph structure with a supported reason for the star rating. Dedicating an entire page of the Reporter to rip apart a young business person trying to make it in a hard business climate through the ups and downs of a tourist town is anything but tactful. We all know that New Mexico wine isn't quite up to par with what we might expect from France, Chile, etc. Because we all already know that, it goes without saying. Attacking a business opened by a younger New Mexican who is taking huge risks to open a fun wine bar on the Plaza is shocking. We should be supporting our local business people who are bringing something new and needed to the Plaza.

Kaitlyn Luck
Santa Fe

Highly Prestigious?

Ms. Cheeseman's claim of being a certified sommelier does not hold up since she is unable to describe wines in more detail other then in phrases  "I liked it," "thought it was ok."  She is totally unqualified to publish criticism of wine. Prime example was her last article.

She went into a tasting room already with her mind made up she was going to dislike everything. To prove my point of her bias, [she] states in an offhanded way, "Just to be fair, I decided to taste a flight." This statement comes … after she has trashed thoroughly the winery, the highly prestigious Finger Lakes International Competition, and all New Mexico's thriving wine industry.

Perhaps she should stick to drinking beer.

Murphy Griffiths
Santa Fe

Editor's Note: Mary Francis Cheeseman makes no "claims" about her authority; she is a certified sommelier by the American Court of Master Sommeliers. We encourage readers to peruse our archives of ¡Pour Vida! to get a sense of her highly descriptive writing about wine and spirits.

7 Days, March 21

Red-Light District

I don't know who on your staff to attribute the asinine comments in your 7 Days column. I am referring to the numerous quips referencing the movement to keep the Pilot J [sic] truck stop from fouling the gateway to Santa Fe at the beginning of the Turquoise Trail Scenic Byway. The redundant commentary by your writer suggests that we all like things that are delivered by trucks, but can't tolerate a truck stop in our midst. That's just plain ignorant! You might have a penchant for occasional sex-for-pay, but would you want a red-light district in your neighborhood? You should take some civic responsibility and start reporting on the significance of this movement that is afoot to stop this proposed debacle. You know, as do most people in Santa Fe County, that this truck stop belongs well on the outskirts of town. Where's the coverage by you that we deserve?

GR Smith
Santa Fe

Editor's Note: SFR staffers write 7 Days as a group. SFR staffers are pretty sure the paper on which this letter was written was delivered via truck. And, lastly, to be clear: SFR staffers do not have a penchant for occasional sex-for-pay.

News, March 21: “The Rising Cost of Recycling”

A Suggestion

Clearly we need to up our game at the household level so our recycling costs are more sustainable. I suggest a weekly column near the letters which addresses residents' questions. …

My first question is: Can/should we be recycling metal bottle caps like those on beer? Any answers/questions are certain to help a household somewhere and keep those contaminants out.

The recycling employees could help by listing their most annoying items and most dangerous. …
Thanks for the good article about our imperiled recycling program.

Laurie Maitre
Santa Fe

AC, March 21: “Back to the Barrio: Rosario Boulevard”


You missed an opportunity to talk about the race track that used to exist within (or surrounding) the oval surrounding the post office building. The big iron fencing still exists. Your article referred to the area where Carmela Romero and her primos did cartwheels. I'd love to know more about the race track history.

Elizabeth Bradley
Santa Fe