Cover, March 7: “Webber is No. 1”

Nice Job, But…

Kudos to the Reporter for getting the City election results from Tuesday night (March 6) into and on the cover of Wednesday's (March 7) paper, an especially daunting task considering the late returns.

A couple of nits to pick: Alan Webber did not "edge out" Ron Trujillo to become mayor. Anyone who wins by more than 30 points is the runaway winner; in fact, Trujillo edged out (barely) Kate Noble by only .4 points. Speaking of Noble, keep an eye on her. She's in a great position to run—and win—the mayoralty in four or eight years.

Kay Lockridge
Santa Fe


Santa Fe has become a cesspool for liberal bullies. Today marks the first day it has sold its soul to the highest bidder. We can ultimately thank Javier as the local will now be bullied. This looks like a millionaire wanting power similar to Trump. I think we got the liberal version of Trump. I think we have a huge problem on our hands.

Lucia Gallegos
Via Facebook

Nom Nom Nom

What is [Webber's] weird obsession with breakfast burritos? This isn't the first interview where he mentions them in an awkward way, not to mention the bizarre photo he posted a couple months ago of how much he loves them.

Dylan Pommer
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Food, February 28: “The New Face of Coyote Cafe”

No Really: Nice Job, But…

Great article … but why no mention of the beautifully done concrete floors that were artistically done to match the theme of the Coyote Cafe? That is the first thing you see when you enter the restaurant. Anyhow, just thought the contractor/artist should be recognized as well as Quinn [Stephenson] for that dramatic change to the entrance of the place.

Brandie Ulibarri


A decision against Sacred Garden was issued by an administrative judge from the New Mexico Administrative Hearings Office. "Higher Authority" (News, March 7) incorrectly stated that the decision against Sacred Garden was issued by a hearing officer from the Tax and Revenue Department.

JoAnne Vigil Coppler won the City Council race in the second round, after Eric Holmes was eliminated and his votes were redistributed. "Meet the New City Council" (cover, March 7) said she won in the first round.