Web Extra, Jan. 25:  “Paid by the Public”

An Endorsement

I would like to share what I know about [City Council] candidate Nate Downey, who I have known since 2003. I met Nate at a playground clean-up day at our sons' nursery school, where Nate convinced our rag-tag group of parent volunteers that the playground needed more than just a coat of paint and organized us to build a play shelter that the kids could enjoy year-round. It was the first of many times that I have watched Nate inspire fellow community members to innovate.

Nate has been tirelessly engaged with issues facing our community and quality of life in Santa Fe. Whether it's been educating the public about water harvesting and conservation, diminishing his family's footprint on the earth, signing regular paychecks, supporting LitQuest through Partners in Education and the Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences, or being a community activist/organizer on a variety of local issues, I have watched Nate lead by example through his actions, not just his words. Nate distinguishes himself among his competitors as a hardworking man of substance, integrity and action, which I believe will be a much-needed addition to our city government.

Jay Galván Heneghan
Santa Fe

News, January 31:  “#Himtoo”

Another Endorsement

In the '80s, American Express hired me to tour the country with Gloria Steinem and Marlo Thomas to lead discussions about issues for American women. Back then, we really didn't see men as allies. Today, here in Santa Fe, I feel blessed to call Alan Webber both an ally and an advocate.

Alan is the only candidate that has been a CEO, is the most qualified to lead the city and the only person not to be a part of the problem at City Hall. Let's not forget that the other four candidates have all been city officials.
The most important skill for a mayor to have is [to be] managerial—both in the big picture and vision of the city as well as day-to-day operations. Alan is by far the best and most experienced manager. He has actually taught management at UCLA's extension school. Let's go Alan!

Kim Perry
Santa Fe


Santa Fe High School does not offer International Baccalaureate classes. In "The G-Word" (Jan. 31), it was erroneously implied that IB classes are available there.