News, Jan. 24: “Local Polls for Local Funds”

Bonds for Dreams

As a Santa Fe resident who wants to get an education, build a career and stay in Santa Fe, I'm urging everyone to vote on the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) bond Feb. 6.

This bond is the first since 2010, and it is needed to fund facility and technology upgrades that will benefit students like me, as well as the entire community. Right now, there are places on campus that don't have adequate internet or wifi capabilities. This bond could improve both of those issues plus enhance security so that our information and communication stay safe.

Anyone who uses the Fitness Education Center knows that it is an affordable way to work out, not just for students, but also for community members. This bond would fund pool repairs, and pay for new fitness equipment, and a new floor and seating in the gym plus repair the outside and inside.

SFCC has been around for more than 30 years, and many classrooms and learning spaces are out-of-date. This bond would pay for new furnishings and fixtures for a number of popular programs. …

And, something that is important to any homeowner in Santa Fe is the fact that the bond will not increase the property tax rates they pay.

Having a college that offers the education I want in my own community has allowed me to pursue my dream by attending class and working. Please vote on the Santa Fe Community College bond so that other local students can make their dreams come true, too.

Nohemy Bojorquez-Flores
SFCC Student Government Association President

Vote No on Scheme

Your latest article on the upcoming Feb. 6 bond election for SFCC and SFPS was an informative and timely reminder of what the taxpayers of the county are being asked to fund.

It was also full of school district propaganda. Statements by the schools are a case study in self-interest: "this particular election is really (about) protecting their investment …" Veronica Garcia says it's like taking care of a house or a car.

Well firstly, if I couldn't afford to maintain a house or a car then I wouldn't buy one, and secondly if I do maintain my car or my house I wouldn't be asking my neighbor to fund it. I like my neighbors!

The fact is that these financing schemes are very expensive and a burden to the property owners Santa Fe.

We know the cost of housing here is ridiculous. However if you are a top school administrator making six figures it is easy to ignore this reality.

Our schools must live within their means if we are ever to have a fiscally balanced community.

I will be voting no because of these issues.

Barney Magrath
Santa Fe

Cover, Jan. 17:  “Making It Go ‘Boom’”

Boo on the Boom

Elizabeth Miller's article was sobering. But climate change wasn't mentioned, the end result of the oil and gas industry. Carlsbad and all of New Mexico will get hotter every year; water will become more and more scarce. This is the "science-based perspective" on your damn industry, Ryan Flynn. … Damn right I'm going to carry a sign and boo. Lives are at stake.

Bird Thompson
Santa Fe

Poppin’ Off

Thank you, Elizabeth Miller, for this article. Given that this sequence of events is eerily similar to what happened North Dakota a few years ago, followed by major economic downfalls, I'm wondering if you plan on any follow up reporting regarding the boom-bust cycle? … Because of the title of the article, I also expected to read information on the physical booms—as in, explosions—caused by fossil fuel industry activities in New Mexico and that have enormous impacts on the surrounding communities. … I'd love to read follow up articles with this information.

Marla Fox

Food, Jan. 17: “Turning Japanese”

Tsk, Tsk

How is it possible that the Santa Fe Reporter employs a food critic that needs to review takeout food?

The food column for Cuba Fe Fusion references Ms. Cheeseman's inability to do a proper review, because she has another job—??? And she is unable to go out to eat lunch?

How is anyone supposed to give credence to this type of review?

In a city with over 250 restaurants, you could do a proper review of a proper meal in a restaurant, and not need to repeat a location for over five years.

This is an embarrassment to your newspaper, and our city.

Steve Schwartz
Santa Fe

Editor's note: Yes, our food writer does have other jobs—as do many of us. And yes, takeout food counts.

Web Extra, Jan. 17: “Listen Up”

Let’s Play Sports

Turn [the Santa Fe University of Art and design campus] into a place where club, middle school and high school sports can play!! Our 14 year old is in club volleyball and they have to fight for court space, let's support our kids who want to engage in healthy activities that keep them off the streets.

Loren Hanson
via Facebook

Keep it for Education

UNM Santa Fe—why not have a University of New Mexico campus in the state capital? Seems like a no-brainer. Instead of truck stops and casinos, how about investing in education? Want to keep young people and an educated workforce—education is key.

Joanna Sollinger
Via Facebook

Speak Up

Thanks to the Reporter and everyone behind making this participatory process available broadly across the community. Well done.

Kathy Smith

Cover, Jan. 10: “In Deep Water”

Art’s Wrong Order

The humor of your cover picturing a US Supreme Court argument is diminished by its patent errors.
The Court members "sit on the Bench in order of seniority with the Chief Justice in the middle, and the others alternating from left to right, ending with the most junior Associate Justice on the far right, as you face the Bench."

Only Justices Gorsuch and Kagen, the two least senior members, are correctly placed at the ends of the bench.
Placing Justice Thomas in the Chief Justice seat is particularly startling to anyone familiar with the Court. Yikes!

Rich Moriarty
Santa Fe