News, Nov. 15 and 22: “Phil You In” and “Griego’s Guilty”

Good ol’ Boy

Griego is part of the (majority?) segment of lawmakers who seem to believe that it is their right as largely unpaid "citizen legislators" to use their position to enrich themselves. Most of this is done through shady but not illegal "good ol' boy" deals and contacts and hobnobbing.

Griego's most repugnant political act, however, was the gay-baiting whisper campaign he ran to unseat Liz Stefanics, a truly outstanding legislator, in the primary race that began his senate career.

Sean Knight

Feelin’ Bad

Santa Fe Rep. Jim Trujillo should resign immediately. No public servant is above the law. The notion that Phil Griego did a lot of good while in office "kinda cancels out" his criminal acts is why "some people feel bad about the Legislature." Justice is blind, Mr. Trujillo's vision is blurry.

Jack M Jason
Santa Fe

News, Nov. 15:“Passing Notes”

Get it to the Media

So how do you get this story about a community of kids and teachers being saved because he did not have access to a gun out to the national press? … I want to hear this on the evening news with whomever the anchors are on the networks, and the gun control advocates in Congress.

Edy Keeler
Santa Fe

Music, Nov. 22:“Rawk Lessons”

Metal Heads Unite

Your article on musician Niels Hansen was appreciated. As a metal head for all of my 42 years on this planet, it's refreshing to see coverage of music other than the typical rancheras and country and folk that are typical genres of Santa Fe. However, when you mentioned the rhythm section is the backbone and the "life and death" of a song, you mentioned Metallica's Black Album was devoid of the bass guitar. I think you meant to say their previous album titled …And Justice For All. That album was intentionally produced with the bass turned down to almost inaudible levels.

Lawrence A Ortega
Pecos/Santa Fe

Editor's Note: Thanks for the input, but we did indeed mean the Black Album. Chalk it up to multiple albums sharing the same instrumentation.