News, Nov. 1: “Digital Mediocrity”

Enough is Enough

In a nutshell, my cell service is horrible and I am not alone in this problem. I live off of Highway 14 in the Lone Butte area … and cannot make a call from my house. I have a landline … that frequently “goes down” for weeks on end. … I usually “save” all my calls for when I go to town, but even then the service is ridiculously bad. … I feel totally helpless to do anything, as I continue to pay $150/month to Verizon for 4G service which is a joke. …
I have recently talked to no less than 10 people that go on and on about how bad their cell service is (all with Verizon) and how it’s gotten worse. One person said that they were told (by Verizon) that it’s because there’s too many cell services tapping into the one (?) cell tower.
Whatever—that’s not our problem. They’re happy to continue taking our money every month. …
It’s a cruel joke that I live in the state capital and can’t complete a call without the dreaded “beep” followed by the … message “call dropped.” Enough already.
Sara West
Santa Fe

Sorry, Tourists

We just spent the month of October in Santa Fe and our Verizon phones were practically useless. As we traveled around the area we found ourselves with no service at all in many areas.
Rockelle Hunter Munsch
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Crisis Response

We lived in Pojoaque recently and were having issues with a group of adult predators stalking our 10 year old daughter [after] being told many times that their contact was unwelcomed. Once we made the resolve to call the police when the harassment escalated, the lack of service from Verizon made a dangerous situation even more dangerous. After a couple home break-ins, threats and firearms being discharged outside our home, we finally decided it was best to abandon the residence when we began fearing for our lives, especially since we could not get police response there when it really mattered.
Pavandeep Khalsa
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Lyin’ Corporations

There is more than one [cell] carrier, but it costs money to change carriers, and there is no way except by chance to find out which carriers even have service here. Any carrier will claim they serve an area just to get your business, then not give a damn after you’ve signed the contract. It isn’t as if the local cell towers are labeled as to which ones belong to which carriers or if the transmitters are even working.
Verizon still claims to serve the area even though they clearly do not. It would be useful to have regulatory rules for reporting cell tower data by which the public could determine which towers are operational and to which carriers they belong. It would also be useful to have regulatory consumer protection so that a customer who signs a contract with a company which does not in fact provide service is not at the mercy of the lying “service” provider to try to escape the worthless service contract. …
Cell companies boldly lie to potential customers regarding service areas and suffer no repercussions. Then, companies which used to serve an area cease service (labeling your house a “marginally served area”), so customers are stuck in a contract with a carrier which no longer provides service.
Sondra Sage

Dead Plaza

Verizon’s service all over Santa Fe has become atrocious. Dropped calls on Rodeo Road—I can’t make a phone call inside or outside my house without walking around for five minutes looking for a spot where I get two bars. There are even dead spots around the Plaza!
Bobby Spencer
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News, Nov. 1: “Making Babies”

There is Hope

Kudos to Aaron Cantú for bringing yet to light an aspect of racism and its insidious impact on African Americans—this time, our babies. Study after study has documented how “racism-induced stress” is linked with the high infant mortality rates for black infants. …
As an African American mother and grandmother, I am aware of the stress among us black mothers caused by racial discrimination, which is a major factor that shows up in job discrimination … however, if one would try to put themselves in the shoes of an African American female, where we experience all kinds of slights and indignities daily from treatment by sales persons, waitpersons in restaurants, co-workers, bosses, sexual innuendos from men of all races—most of all representatives from the criminal justice system … even disparities of treatment in the healthcare world by nurses, doctors and other health professionals because of our skin color. …
Thanks also to the Infant Mortality Project Leader Sunshine Muse and Nandi Hill, New Mexico’s only black midwife. More work needs to be done—we need the funds to do it. … Lastly, to the dominant culture—as people of color need your respect and kindness on a daily basis. With this article and more conscious raising around racist treatment—I am hopeful.
Wanda Ross Padilla
Former President
Santa Fe NAACP

The Enthusiast, Nov. 1: “Huntress”

Moronic Delight

I think Rachel Carson, credited by many as the founder of the modern day environmental movement and author of the groundbreaking book Silent Spring, speaks for many of us regarding [this] article. She wrote, “We cannot have peace among men [or women] whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing we set back the progress of humanity.”
James Corcoran
Santa Fe

News, Nov. 8:“Seismic Shift at Warehouse 21”

Shapin’ Kids

I hope that Warehouse 21 will remain working for the kids of Santa Fe. It’s a safe place for them and the people that work there care so deeply. I hope it will always remain a place for the local youth.
Raven MacLennan
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Showin’ Love

Darling Ana, thank you for over two decades of caring for our children, giving them a safe space, and helping them to grow and find their creative dreams. I hope your next chapter feeds your soul as much as W21, whatever it is.
Kathy Smith
Santa Fe

Restaurant Guide: “Let’s Give ’Em Something to Taco ’Bout”

Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos

How on earth did you miss El Callejón at 208 Galisteo? The Morelos family cooks up the finest tacos in town with their down-home family recipes. Do yourself a favor and get over there this week. My favorite taco joint for sure—a whole menu’s page of them and they’re all delicious. Be sure to try their tostados de ceviche—it’s a meal in itself. You also missed the best flan in Santa Fe in a previous desert article! What’s going on there at The Reporter—you guys sleepin’ on the job?
Lynn Dimet
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