News, Oct. 11:  “Designer Docs”

A Bernie a Day

Rather than "Designer Docs," "Traditional Medical Care" would have been a more appropriate title for your article.
As physicians, we feel strongly that each of our patients deserves compassionate, thorough and thoughtful care, which requires that we spend appropriate time with each individual. Under our current system, largely run by corporations, physicians are frequently under pressure to see a large number of patients, thereby limiting the amount of time the physician can spend with each individual patient. An increasing number of physicians nationwide, including the Santa Fe physicians listed in your article, are choosing to opt out of the current corporate system, in order to provide medical care in the manner that they believe it should be done. My belief is that we need many more such physicians, and that we have a moral obligation to make quality health care available to everyone, without regard to income. I therefore support a single-payer, federally funded "Medicare for All" program, such as that proposed by Senators Sanders and Warren.
Dr. Robert M Bernstein
La Familia Medical Center

Acting Out, Nov. 1:   “Goody Goody”


Thank you for finally having a regular column about theater in Santa Fe. I have lived and performed here for over 30 years and this is a first for your newspaper. Not only that, but Charlotte Jusinski is doing an excellent job. She writes well and thoughtfully. Please let her know that she is deeply appreciated.

AND: Thank you and Collected Works Bookstore for bringing back the crossword puzzle after many years without it.

Hooray! Hooray! I now read your paper more often and more thoroughly.
Stefany Burrowes
Santa Fe

Agree to Disagree

Thanks for the review! Anderson's Proctor worked for me. The qualities that your reviewer found grating in his portrayal were the same human qualities that drew me in. Nicholas Ballas' judge is an Orwellian terror, as he should be. Piburn's sound engineering was perfect. I'm obviously a bit partial, but those school girls rocked—as did the entire production, the tech work and the director! See it while you can.
Cate Moses