News, Oct. 11:  “Designer Docs”

Less Doctoring

Finding a doctor period in New Mexico is a problem. We retired here but know that we'll need to move in another 10-12 years so that we can get good medical care when we get really old (if we are so lucky as to live to a really old age). Concierge service isn't new though. I blame insurance companies and fees for service billing and electronic medical records for leading to less doctoring and more administrative duties for those in the medical field.
Nanci CartwrighT
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News, Oct. 18:  “Altered state standards”

Waste of Time

Why are we spending precious time and resources to write something when the Next Gen standards are well-written? When the [Public Education Department] delayed, many programs, teachers, and some districts started working to learn and implement them. If the PED really believes "Kids First, New Mexico Wins," then the Next Gen should be our new science standards.
Christina Romero


In last week's cover story ("Waking History," Oct. 18), SFR incorrectly stated the times of Peter Sinclaire's ghost tours. Sinclaire begins his walking tours at the La Fonda on Fridays at 6 pm, and at the Hotel St. Francis on Saturdays at 5:45 pm. Reservations are required for all tours, including a special one on Halloween night: 983-7774.