Cover, April 5: “Castles, Ruins & Mysteries”

Halpin Arena?

I am writing in response to your story on the New Mexico Museum of Art's plans for the Joseph F Halpin Building, named after our father. We would love to see the building once again being used. However, we are dismayed at the suggestion of renaming the building on behalf of the highest bidder. This is not a sports arena!

The building was named after our father by the state Legislature to honor him for over 20 years of service in bringing the New Mexico Records Center to national recognition. This is an honor not given lightly and should not be changed based on a highest-bid contest.

We encourage the New Mexico Museum of Art to put the building to a productive use, but ... it should remain as the Joseph F Halpin Building.

Mary Jo Halpin
Santa Fe

Lions of Legend

Awesome! Make [this feature] recurring. Ask readers for submissions on which properties to feature.

I submit the concrete and elevated silver lions on Camino Carlos Rey, and the one with all the lawn ornaments on Agua Fría.

Tiago Stock
Santa Fe

Props to Archie

In Agua Fría Village, we know the [castle] as "Archie's Castle." Arsencio "Archie" Romero Jr. was Leroy's dad and he apparently started the building, which Leroy has done a really nice job of finishing. Archie was the son of Arsencio Romero, who served in World War I and built several homes on the property. Nothing dramatic happened here but as every man should have his castle, every village should have a castle.

William H Mee

News, April 5: “Three Days in Court”

The Martinizer

These are sad times when the Trumpster and his ilk can call any media attacks "fake news." And the Martinizer and her gang can abuse any "left-wing" rag. The Trumpster is on record: Libel laws should be changed so that his attackers should be assumed guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Surely a death knell for SFR.

(Winks and grins from the Martinizer as her ideology is published in "Savage Sex" with the Trumpster's megalomania.)

Albo P Fossa
Santa Fe


The Sanbusco Center used to be the Santa Fe Builders Supply. In "Castles, Ruins and Mysteries" (April 5), it was misidentified as the former Santa Fe Bus Depot.

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