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News, Sept. 23: “No Puppy Love in NM”

End Game is Clear

It is disingenuous of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and New Mexico Game Commission to say they don't know what the "end game" is for endangered Mexican wolves. The goal is recovery under the federal Endangered Species Act. Biologists on the recovery team say there will need to be at least 750 wolves in three separate populations to achieve recovery...Gov. Susana Martinez and her appointed game commissioners just don't want wolves, plain and simple, but rather than say that outright, they are finding excuses for obstructing the recovery effort.

Kevin Bixby
Executive Director,
Southwest Environmental Center


The person who made a public comment at a hearing for the Game Commission attributed the Aldo Leopold quote to the wrong book. It is from the essay "Conservation" in Round River, a collection of his journals.

Music, Sept. 23: “Music Defined”

Critic Needs Glasses

Alex De Vore's myopic view of the music world excludes some pretty big genres. Country, reggae, and blues come to mind as traditionally huge, especially in Santa Fe. And then there's jazz...

Chris Diestler
Santa Fe

Communites Smartalex

The cover story on Sept. 23 was an excellent article, despite the cringeworthy typo ("communites" for "communities"). And so was Alex De Vore's succinct and informative "Music Defined"—until he had to go spoil it by taking a snarky little trendoid potshot at classical music lovers (see the entry under "Hip-Hop").

Alex, 6th grade was a really long time ago. Put away those rubber bands and leave the nerdy kid in the front row alone. Time to grow up.

Rand B Lee
Santa Fe

Editor's Note: That headline error in "Fractured Communities" is still making us cringe. Apologies to our readers for the mistake. As for Alex growing up, we're not really in favor of that. Thanks for reading.

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