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Movies, April 8: “Get Ready to Get Mad”

Children Are Reading

David [Reidel], when are you going to grow up and learn some new words? I'm tired of you using the word "asshole" in movie reviews... Your [review of Merchants of Doubt] comes to mind. Children read SFR. And it's insulting. Your review says, "Whenever you see one of those anti-climate-change assholes on the news, you know he's full shit." I happen to [be] one who believes the sun is responsible for warming, not people sources. You just called me an asshole. No hard feelings.

I don't call legislators and the Sierra Club assholes for mandating energy-saving light bulbs, the kind that contain enough mercury to turn your house into a meth lab if you break one, the kind that, due to radio frequencies emitted by the ballast in the electronics, have been shown to affect academic performance of kids in grade schools.

I've been a tree hugger for 20 years. It disturbs me that those worried about climate change are going to be responsible for bringing back nuclear power. But I don't call them assholes.

Stick to reviewing movies, learn some new vocabulary words and leave climate change to the scientific journalists. They probably won't use the words "asshole" and "shit."

Daniel Stih

Cover, April 8: “Road to Reform”

It’s Not All Medicinal

Medical marijuana has always been controversial in the scientific community, due to the many flaws in the research that supports it.

Its favor among certain politicians is based more on politics than proof. There's an extensive review of the science on the blog Science-Based Medicine, titled "The New Herbalism." Of course, herbalism is pretty popular in Santa Fe, as well.

But it doesn't help to make nonsense statements like "All use is medical" when it clearly isn't. That's like the guy at the bar insisting that a vodka tonic is just medicine for what ails him.

Chandler McMillin
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