3 Questions, Dec. 10: “Grace and the Grail”

Thank You

Because of you we got a sizable audience for Grace and the Grail in the middle of the week at El Museo's Third Rail Theater. The audience loved it. For some, it was perhaps a little too in your face to be schooled on climate change, capitalism and sexual egalitarianism by a powerful black Isis (played wonderfully by Wanda Padilla) and a luscious Brazilian Mary Magdalene (Dulce Valverde, you rock!). These times demand dealing with our challenges directly, we think, and perhaps that is why the young people in the audience (and the cast) loved this screenplay and want to see it brought to the big screen.

I cannot thank you enough for picking us for 3 Questions and hope you will remember us in late January when we are bringing Grace back to El Museo (after Martin Luther King day) by popular demand. Thanks again to the wonderful people, especially Thomas Romero at El Museo de Santa Fe.

Many blessings, and please keep supporting the Divine Feminine wherever she shows up!

Liz Randol
Santa Fe

Cover, Dec. 10: “Naughty or Nice”

Nimbyism at Work

A very well-written article covering a lot of issues relating to the future of electric power in New Mexico. I liked the point-counterpoint section. However, the Public Service Company of New Mexico declined to mention what is possibly the biggest hurdle to establishing wind and solar plants in New Mexico: While the majority of New Mexicans say they would like to see solar and wind power, even more of them don't want it in their backyard.

A case in point: A wind plant was proposed on a mesa near where I live in Ribera. The location, from a logistical perspective, is ideal. It's sparcely populated, remote, has near constant wind and access to existing power lines. Local opposition stopped the project cold. Amazingly enough, the strongest opposition came from those claiming to be environmentalists. Their reasons for opposing the installation ranged from the ridiculous (footings for the towers would ruin the water supply) to the absurd (vibrations from the turbines would cause birth defects in cattle). The bottom line is that they just didn't want to see it.

Stuart Rogers

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