Our second edition of Leaf Brief during New Mexico's COVID-19 stay-at-home orders lands on 4/20. So, happy holiday from our strange new world! Maybe the lack of parties and sales this time around is a good thing, as a story from last year's holiday pointed out how corporate and Hallmarkish the whole thing has become.

This month's roundup includes two new stories from SFR, plus news from the state and region. Over the last month, cannabis distributors across the nation have reported a surge in sales as people stock up on supplies. What has your experience been? Reply to this message. And stay safe.

Patients See Grace Period on Expiring Cards 
Medical cannabis patients with expiring green cards or driver's licenses can still buy products while emergency orders due to COVID-19 are in effect.

Party Postponed 
Monday's cannabis lovers holiday typically brings a celebratory atmosphere to Santa Fe's dispensaries, but this year will be different.

Regional News

No tax relief for medical cannabis yet

Despite a Court of Appeals ruling exempting medical cannabis producers from gross receipts tax, they still have to pay it while the state Supreme Court considers a Taxation and Revenue Department request to overturn the decision. Although many dispensaries stopped charging the tax to patients immediately after the ruling, some have said they'll have to start again, according to a new story from New Mexico Political Report.

Bored? Check in later

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board still plans to hold its meeting at 9am on April 29, and it won't be in person at the Harold Runnels Building in Santa Fe. But the Department of Health hasn't updated its online information about how to watch or participate. Here's where it might show up.

Expungement and experience  

Proposed cannabis legalization rejected again this year by New Mexico's Legislature would have also paved the way for clearance of some criminal convictions. The American Bar Association earlier this month examined how states are confronting a fundamental issue of fairness as they consider expungement programs.

"For many people—especially those in black and brown communities hit hard by the 'war on drugs' of past decades—old arrests and convictions for minor amounts of pot are still haunting them whenever they fill out a job application or apply for an apartment," reads the analysis.

Around the Web

Consumers really care

In the weeks after government orders requiring various forms of social distancing, Ranker saw a five-time increase in traffic — specifically, traffic to lists about using cannabis. The website's lists about cannabis cover everything from the celebrities who love weed (Charleze Theron, anyone?) to best TV shows to watch while stoned (its readers picked Rick and Morty). Plus, of course, their favorite strains. Do you agree? Drop us a line at newsletters@sfreporter.com

Happy, happy anyway

Did you know that both SFR and High Times were born in the same year 1974? We did not. At any rate, the venerable Bible of cannabis publications has an update on San Francisco's "Hippie Hill" being off limits for 4/20. The same is true for Denver's Civic Center Park celebration. But the Denver Post's The Know put together this list of ways to celebrate remotely and contribute to friendly causes.

But be careful

Puff, puff pass is not a safe practice in the age of coronavirus. Not only is smoking likely to make delicate lung tissue more susceptible to infection, but sharing is bad idea too, reminds this op-ed from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Exercise caution, it says, when "it comes to various other conduits for consuming marijuana, including the use of bowls, bongs, and vape pens. Avoid direct sharing and continually keep your personal collection clean."