Leaf Brief Podcast

Leaf Brief Podcast: Episode 3

Puffing Parents: Talking with your Kids about Cannabis

Next month marks one full year of sanctioned recreational cannabis sales in New Mexico and it’s probably not a stretch to assume many parents of young children have become more comfortable strolling into their local weed spots without a fake mustache and sunglasses.

Lots of us with youngins already know that maiden voyage to snag some legal buds is only the beginning of navigating the post-legalization world as a parent. Do you sit down with your kids and explain to them that mommy and daddy like a smoke shesh before bed? If so, when do you have that conversation? Do you skip the conversation all together and hide it from your kids like you did with your parents at some point in your life? Leah Maurer, who has a wild story about being a cannabis-growing parent when it was very illegal, says it all depends.

This month, the Cannabis Leaf Brief Podcast hears from Maurer about the stigma of being a cannabis-using parent, even in a state where it’s legal. Take a listen below and stick around for a local perspective from Dr. Dominick Zurlo, who heads the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.

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