You want a tough job? Try keeping it posi in the era of COVID-19. Schools are shuttered, businesses are struggling, everyone's sick of their own homes and every day seems to bring something weirder to our collective doorstep (like SFR being unable to host the biggest party of the year in the Railyard as we usually do around this time). But then a funny thing happened—we started writing and editing the 2020 Best of Santa Fe issue, and things began to feel better.

It's a celebration, of course. A reminder that even in the darkest of times, Santa Fe turns up for Santa Fe. As we remembered why we love local restaurants, we started ordering more takeout; as we pondered what pet groomers mean to our lives and the lives of our pets, we started petting them more; as we popped on the recent Raashan Ahmad album The Sun, we felt more human.

But the following are your favorites, Santa Fe, so here's hoping reading through them might make you feel better. We know it helped us.

*Public health orders change unpredictably and we didn't explain how each winner might be affected. Please call ahead.

Erin Currier