This issue almost didn't happen. Like many businesses everywhere, SFR was not immune to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, and tough decisions needed to be made. But then an interesting thing happened: Upon hearing of our struggles, Kyle Farrell of DIY arts outfit Strangers Collective reached out to ask what we might need to make it happen. Less than 24 hours later, Strangers had partnered with form & concept gallery (where Farrell's partner and former SFR columnist Jordan Eddy is the gallery director) and the Santa Fe Playhouse to offer no-strings funding. The result of that incredibly kind gesture is in your hands or on your screen.

It isn't lost on us that this year is particularly fraught but, like always, we simply asked queer voices in our community to write what matters to them. Whether that's Alicia Inez Guzmán ­recounting her return to New Mexico and finding her queer community, Anastasio Wrobel asking us to think deeper, JC Gonzo musing on the timing of Lady Gaga's newest, the Calvin "Brandi" Fields experience or Oriana Lee highlighting notable Black locals, it's in here. We understand this can't touch on everything, but it's Pride month, and these voices deserve to be heard.

As for the cover art by SFR super-friend Shelby Criswell, well, we know that it depicts a world we all miss. But it's about safe spaces and hope for the future. It's about coming together ­surrounded by what matters most.