This summer’s shaping up to be like none we’ve ever seen before…here’s to making it the best we can. We’ve got a glossy issue packed full of tips for socially distanced recreation, including book recommendations, empty drives, neighborhood walks and more. And because we don’t believe in slacking off here, we’ve got a regular issue full of local news and culture, too. Pick it up at your nearest box for free today or check it out online, and get your summer off to a great start.

The New Takeout ­Etiquette
Wear a mask, tip big, be nice

Summer Streams
Scared to go ­outside? You don't have to anymore!

Big Summer Movies
Skipping the big screen for your living room

The ­Liquid Muse ­Academy
Quarantinis, ­anyone?

Have a Picnic
The best in meats, wines, chocolates and cheeses

Going the Distance
Nobody said you can't drive away

Explore Your Hood
Bike or walk the city streets and stay close to home

Pack a Book, Pack a Snack
Lazy reading spots for summer days (and nights)