For the third year running, we're proud to present our resurrected Love and Sex issue! It's an admittedly brief but powerful overview of the good, the bad and the ugly facing lovers, sexers and all points in between with pieces from sex experts, queer artists, celebrated writers and lovers of life. As always, we're also especially thrilled to include original cover and inline illustrations by artist Shelby Criswell—an SFR super-homie like no other.

In these pages, you'll find new reasons to be furious with your government and learn how to help normalize and support the local kinkster community. We'll finally uncover why MILF mania is so pervasive in today's society (it's science) and get a hand from tinder. If that weren't enough, Santa Fe ex-pat Eamon Armstrong delves into the particulars of polyamory, a practice shrouded in mystery, but also sexual and amorous health.

We hope these pieces provide some semblance of education, comfort and/or sexiness during this, the sexiest time of the year.