If you haven't been paying attention, winter has arrived with a vengeance. Or, at least, more of bitter edge than last year. It already feels like we've had more snow, more cold, more of a reason to bust out the puffy jackets and special shoes, but that suits us just fine.

Santa Fe's a special town when winter rolls around. It might be the lights, the farolitos, the luminarias that pop up everywhere; it might just be that experiencing actual seasons is pretty alright. Whatever your reasons, we're there with you.

We're skiing up mountains and hurriedly buying gifts for our family and loved ones at the last minute. We're making small talk at parties and networking events and getting our hands on as many tamales as we can find. We're braving the early morning freeze for the goods of the farmers market, we're spending time with our favorite streaming service and a nice movie, show—or both—and, sometimes, we're even traveling to nearby areas to see what their winter season is like.

Allow us to show you what we get up to this time of year with our humble 2018 Winter Guide, and may your own season be full of goodness.