Although SFR's second annual Political Cartoon Contest was open to satire about local and state leadership, the vast majority of artists chose to draw some aspect of America under Donald Trump. His Orange Majesty appeared in so many common forms, our judges had trouble narrowing down the ones with the clearest messages and best cartoon skills.

A theme we've seen over and again in Washington lately is "evolution." And our grand prize-winning artist, Samuel Kerwin, crafted a play on Darwin's theory with a little Russia-election-collusion-investigation twist. Does it ever feel it's still a lizard walking at the end of the line?

This talk of evolution comes from a lack of transparent communication in the nation's capital; staying informed is an ongoing process of piecing together tweets and soundbites to deduce how political situations have evolved. For most of our readers, it's certainly not an actual belief that our society is moving forward. Check out second place winner George Ossorgin, who harks back not all the way to the beginning of mankind, but 2,000 years or so to the time when Rome's games included men fighting each other to the death. Is that where we are heading? Wouldn't that be devolution?

Special thanks to our weekly cartoonist Clay Jones of Claytoonz for donating a signed print to Kerwin, who also gets $100 at Second Street Brewery. Second and third place winners will receive their own prize packages from local businesses.

Happy birthday, America.

1st Place

Evolution | Samuel Kerwin

Kerwin (aka O'papas) has been drawing cartoons since before the dawn of time. His work has been featured in several newspapers and he was once the staff cartoonist for The Daily Lobo.

2nd Place

2018 NFL Games
2018 NFL Games | George Ossorgin

George Ossorgin was born and raised in Santa Fe. "I'm just trying to conceptualize the world around me," he writes. "This is how the NFL's latest decision and modern political climate strike me. Goodell looks to Emperor Trump and his base for counsel: thumbs up or down on kneeling? Do we live in a Democracy or an Empire?"

3rd Place

Build the Wall
Build the Wall | Stephen Hettenbach

Stephen Hettenback is a semi-retired industrial designer and a woodworker by avocation. He lived in San Francisco for 40 years before moving to Santa Fe four years ago.

Honorable Mentions

Death of the GOP
Death of the GOP | Bill Gould
Standing Rock
Standing Rock | Sam Richardson
Kiss the Ring
Kiss the Ring | Benjamin Slyngstad
Red Hen Frenzy
Red Hen Frenzy | Brennan Barnhill


Trumpzilla | Hannah St. Peter, Age 12
Fake Mirror
Fake Mirror | Emma St. Peter, Age 12