You'll often hear Santa Feans proudly announce that our community is an all-inclusive one where citizens, regardless of race, creed or gender identity may frolic together to their hearts' content and free of persecution. Bullshit. We try our best, and perhaps we have served as a semi-safe bastion of acceptance throughout the decades—but, as with anything, there is still much work to be done and things can always improve. SFR is proud to do our small part, then, by bringing in local queer voices to tell their stories and provide their thoughts.

Whether they're lamenting the loss of a dedicated gay bar, examining their own perceptions of the annual Pride celebrations, running through a brief history of the art of drag or painstakingly illustrating the penis in all its glory, it's important that these voices be heard, perhaps now more than ever. This year's Pride King and Queen chimed in in our first-ever double 3Qs and our Picks this week break down the goings-on. New language is being built every day; new ideas are forming to replace the stodgy old ones. And if the dust ever does settle on a glorious new day who knows how many years from now, it will be clear who was on the right side of history—those who fought, those who loved and those who did what they could in pursuit of that one unalienable truth: We are all human beings and we all have a right to our existence, no matter who we are.

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