Music Issue

Music. It’s the one thing everyone everywhere has in common, the one true universal language … music is everything. This is why we make this annual music issue. We do it because, like you, we love music and our little town’s forays into the artform. OK, we sometimes fully hate it, but regardless, whether we’re getting tips from the pros on how to home record, hearing from the younger generation about what they feel about the scene (spoiler alert: He’s bummed), checking in on the state of local music education or reviewing who knows how many albums, we know the quickest way to make friends is through music.

This year, we’ve included

of band categories from our upcoming Best of Santa Fe issue as way to better highlight their talents, rather than lose them in a sea of categories like Best Chiropractor or Best Comptroller. We also formed a jury of musicians, promoters, writers and producers to select three Albums of the Year as a way of giving a little extra credit to our amazing local talent. The winners of this prestigious award will also play live for SFR’s Music Showcase on Sunday, June 12. The free event goes down at the smaller Whole Foods (1090 S St. Francis Drive) and features food trucks, vendor booths and precious beer.

Anyway, as Rob Gordon famously posits of music fandom in the 2000 film version of Nick Hornby’s

High Fidelity

, when it comes to most people, “What really matters is


you like, not what you


like.” So arm yourselves. Create. Consume. Discuss. Disagree. Argue. Just never ever stop.

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