The Beat Goes On

SFR's 2015 Local Music Issue

nd they said it couldn’t be done.

, tying in with the hubbub of SFR’s 40th anniversary, we decided to bring an old friend back into the spotlight—our local music issue. It was first conceived in

, and given its not-so-stellar response, became a one-hit wonder. Looking to celebrate our city’s thriving local music scene, we brought it back for a rousing encore.

It included remembrances by local music figures on their hell sessions and their musical crushes, an exploration of the region's metal scene and, in keeping with the theme, 40 local CD reviews. That could have been a fine curtain call. But resting on laurels has never been our style.

Santa Fe is a true music town. As residents, we're fortunate to have ample opportunities offered on the daily to wet our lyrical whistles and get those Tevas, cowboy boots or Docs a-tapping.

Inside these pages, you'll find a fitting tribute for the unsung heroes of the live gig world, sound guys; a lo-fi radio whodunit where you get to play detective and a dissection of singer-songwriters' muse, all served with a sizzling side of DJ Bacon.

Did we mention the reviews? This year, we extended the invitation to all New Mexico-based acts. The response was overwhelming, and the best 50 or so made the cut. Check those out.

Sure, you can track all the acts in our supersized Inside Track on their Facebook, Bandcamp or SoundCloud pages or, better yet, catch them live for the full experience.

If you haven't noticed by our cover, we infused this issue with a distinct retro feel, a throwback to when attending a concert was a life event, not something you did in front of a screen. When you waited in line to get your hands on your favorite band's album or cassette instead of streaming it. When ticket stubs were the only memento you'd need and music, raw music, filled your veins, guided your trips and flecked your widest smiles. Rock on.

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