14 Things To Do In Santa Fe This Valentine's Day

No V-Day plans? We've got you covered

We know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we also know that for both single dudes and gals, and even for couples (oh my!) it can be tough to figure out what to do during this special day.

So let’s dive right into all of the interesting, romantic, fun, sensual events that are at your fingertips in Santa Fe this upcoming V-Day week.

Here’s a list of our top 14:

14. Beauty of the Father at the James A. Little Theatre

Wanna impress your one and only star from afar? Do you know what it takes to at least look the part of a caring, sensitive, worldly boyfriend? Just pretend that you are moved by poetry. A play by the Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz is playing at the James A. Little Theatre. It’s about the restless ghost of the famous poet Federico García Lorca––as he ambles through the streets and strikes up conversations with the living. While the play progresses, make emotional grunting noises, and if you can, shed a few tears for the benefit of your special someone––trust me, they’ll wind up liking you even more if you can.

13. Tony Buford and Soulstatic at The Pink Adobe

Just take one look at this guy on the show’s poster, and you know that you’re in for something steamy, sexy and soultastic! Bring your g-friend to the

, snuggle up next to her midway through the show and lean over and whisper into her ear: “ You're my sugar momma, baby. I love choo .” That’ll be sure to make the post-show make out session with your señorita one that neither of you will ever forget.

11. Moonstruck at The Lensic       

Nothing spells out successful date more than a trip to the movies, especially on Valentine's Day. Take your valiant knight over to the Lensic for a one-night-only screening of the timeless romantic comedy,

. It stars big-time notables such as Nicolas Cage, Cher and Olympia Dukakis. As you put your arm around your man, lean over and give him a big wet smooch on the cheek, and then say in a low whisper, “ You're my everything babe .” Bonus points if she replies, “ Snap out of it !” and slaps you across the face.

10. Rock and Roll, Leather and Lace at The Underground

For all you single losers out there, there’s even a place for you on V-Day. Walk on over to

, but make sure you’re wearing some super serious leather––you know, the tight-fitting stuff that makes the thighs bulge and the hearts swoon. Dance like there’s no tomorrow with other gimps as “surprise” DJ’s whip up some sounds that’ll shock your eardrums. But for real, this is a fetish-themed event––so don’t come in your basketball shorts (unless they’re made out of PVC).

9. VaginaVan for V-Day


is Axle Contemporary’s response to the One Billion Rising Campaign. Outside the mobile gallery the word “vagina” written in 250,000 pink dots, which are meant to represent every woman in New Mexico who may experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Even though this is a serious event, and one that should be approached thoughtfully, it’s a good one to stop by to observe a few moments of silence––and perhaps allow for some much needed reflection on the state of humanity. Deep, we know. For van locations visit


8. Limelight karaoke at The Palace

All you non-commited peeps out there, here is your chance to shine! Come on over to

and get your pipes ready for all those unsuspecting strangers, who heretofore have never heard such beautiful, soulful, electrified noises come from one person’s strained vocal cords. So let it rip, and sing like tonight is the last night on earth. But remember, everyone sings Journey and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones––so mix it up with something unexpected (Tiny Tim?) and rock somebody’s world.

7. Good Girls Guide: Dominatrix for Dummies at The Lodge

Everything you need to know and then some about this particular subject. On Feb, 15 and 16 Eleanor O’ Brien delivers a raunchy, energized and uproarious solo show about training to be a dominatrix in NYC. You might be able to take some tips from her, so bring a pencil and a legal pad (and perhaps some handcuffs) to this show. Deets


6. Valentine's Day Special at The Mineshaft Tavern
No flow to take your date on a romantic Spanish vacay? Then make the 20 minute drive to the quirky land of Madrid. The fittingly expressive music of Patty Stephens and the Latin Jazz Ensemble play for your enjoyment on this special night, meant to be enjoyed with a special someone. Grab a beer (or six!) from the bar, order a couple of cheeseburgers medium rare with grilled onions plus green chile (just like they do in Catalunya) and listen to the soothing sounds float through the air on an unforgettable evening ¡Olé!

5. Jewel Box Cabaret at The Lodge


on your calendar. These ladies have been going strong for five successful years, and take it from me––they know how to entertain. Snuggle up next to your bug-a-boo and get immersed in the art of gender illusion, musical comedy and drag burlesque in an artistic combination and presentation that is not to be missed.

4. Buffalo Nickel Two at Legal Tender

We know you’re not the type who likes to party like it’s just any other night––so

on Feb. 14 and 16 and brush up on your country two step; listen to some outta-this-world rock ’n’ roll; get sloppy to some classic country and get real to some authentic folk music mixed in with famous oldies. Buffalo Nickel 2 are back and they’re gonna remind you what it feels like to be alive.

3. The Nude: Classical, Cultural, Contemporary at Photo-Eye Gallery

There’s nothing that spells out good times like looking at pictures of naked people. Opening the day after Valentine's,

showcases a group exhibition from a wide range of photographers who have taken it upon themselves to explore the subtleties of the human body. Make sure not to compare and contrast, though, and remember: everyone is unique. Through April 6.

2. Alone Together at The CCA

Albuquerque-based artist Natalie Smith approaches the relationship between human beings and the objects we possess––this straightforward exploration yields some profound results. Share this visually intoxicating treat with a loved one and experience a mutually engaging activity which will stimulate the intellect, and if you’re lucky, the heart. Non-traditional textile-like paintings

. Through March 10.

1. Snuggle up by the Fire Next to Your Baby Girl or Boy (or both) at Home

This is an activity that’s been in style for thousands of years––and best of all, it’s free. Go to Trader Joe's and buy a box of chocolates and some roses. Drive home and start a fire. Call Barbara and tell her in the sweetest voice that you can muster: “ Come on over sweet thang, I have a surprise for you .” Throw on some Keith Jarrett, settle down in your La-Z-Boy chair and wait for your one and only to arrive. When she does, motion her over to the fire and feed her chocolates of different shapes and sizes. Hold each other tight and breathe in the glory of the twenty-first century, on this fine, fine evening––the 14


of February, 2013. Don’t get freaked out if she runs

out of the oven; it just means she’s a loyal SFR reader—or, as we’d call her, “a keeper.”

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