7 Days: June 26, 2024

7 Days for the week of June 26

1. Real estate broker says Maria’s restaurant property listed for $4 million sale due to “clerical error”

aka “margaritas”

2. Santa Fe Public Schools Board President Sascha Anderson announces she’s leaving to become a priest

An Episcopalian priest, so don’t bother trying to guilt trip her

3. US Supreme Court rejects Texas/New Mexico water settlement

Did it empower women in some way?

4. Texas developer will turn Route 66 Western Scene Motel into a car wash

Just like days of yore

5. City of Santa Fe says it remains committed to transparency and has a new as-yet unnamed spokesperson starting work next month

Hopefully someone who knows the definition of irony

6. Santa Fe Ralph Lauren store announces it’s closing at the end of the month

Which is how we learned we have a Ralph Lauren store here

7. Directors of the City of Santa Fe’s Planning/Land Use and Affordable Housing departments announce resignations

Perhaps to go work in cities that have those things

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