Meow Wolf Denver Slated to Open Sept. 17

‘Convergence Station’ delves into quantum transportation, memory as currency

“It’s bittersweet,” says Meow Wolf Denver’s Senior Creative Director Chadney Everett of the arts corporation’s upcoming and long-awaited Colorado opening. “I am so excited to have people finally see this thing that we’ve been doing, but at the same time, it’ll be like letting a baby go.”

Meow Wolf announced today that its third immersive art installation will be dubbed Convergence Station, and that it’s set to open in Denver on Sept. 17, four years after it was conceived in Santa Fe. Like Meow Wolf Santa Fe, the installation features a mysterious narrative to uncover, this time focusing on four worlds from different universes merged together by some cosmic event, and four forgotten women therein who perhaps have a more expansive role. In those worlds, memory is used as currency as well as fuel for conspiracies—it’s up to the visitors to unravel the rest with the help of a non-binary alien called Tracking Error who will guide participants through the experience, but at 90,000 square feet (compare that to Santa Fe’s 20,000), it’ll likely take multiple visits to see everything.

Tickets also went on sale today and range between $35-$45, and though Everett tells SFR early numbers are not yet clear, timed spots are selling faster than expected. Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return has sold over 2 million tickets since it opened in 2016, while Las Vegas, Nevada’s Omega Mart has sold over 500,000 tickets since it opened during the pandemic in February.

This is not the company’s first venture in Denver. In 2019, Meow Wolf installed the Kaleidoscape ride at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park.

“Ultimately, I can’t wait to see people interact with the spaces,” Everett says of the new installation, “and just watch their faces.”

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