Lensic Performing Arts Center to Reopen June 17

‘Wizard of Oz’ kicks off return to in-person events

Like Dorothy emerging from the sepia tones of teetotaling Kansas to the vivid hues of Munchkinland, so, too, do Santa Fe’s arts and culture venues seem to be coming out the sadness zone and into a new era of doing things with people there—you know, like we’ve all been anxious to do since about five minutes into the pandemic?

To wit, Santa Fe’s Lensic Performing Arts Center announced today that it will reopen for in-person events starting Thursday, June 17—with a screening of the enduring 1939 family movie, The Wizard of Oz.

“We are thrilled to be reopening the theater,” says Executive Director Joel Aalberts in a statement from the Lensic. “Our last live event was on March 10, 2020. But the support from our members and the community has been incredible during the pandemic, and we are able to come back as strong as ever. We’re relaunching with a free, beloved movie as a gift to our community.”

In January, Aalberts told SFR of the pandemic that “You can acknowledge, from the beginning, the thing people want to do most is be together and experience an event. The commitment to keep those things going—what the Lensic brings for quality of life—those experiential things people appreciate from us.”


Free tickets for The Wizard of Oz will be available to Lensic members starting Wednesday, June 2, and to the general public one week later on Wednesday, June 9. Visit the website for more info.

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