After a tough 2020 for pretty much every last event Santa Fe has to offer, Kim Peone, executive director of the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, tells SFR that an in-person Indian Market is a go in 2021. Last year’s August event was canceled in April.

“Having human interaction, just being so excited about having an Indian Market after a long year of tragedy is exciting to me,” Peone says. “It’s such a community event for us, and if there’s one thing we miss, it’s community.”

Peone also says this year’s Indian Market—which will technically count as its 99th since last year’s didn’t happen—will become the first ticketed version of the event in market history. Such a move will allow for timed, staggered entry onto the Plaza, she explains, though she adds it’s too early to announce what the specifics of pricing or traffic flow might be. Either way, Indian Market will maintain its August 21 and 22 dates. As for virtual elements added during the pandemic, such as an online sales platform and the 3D interactive NDN World experience, Peone says they’ll stick around.

“After last year’s pivot and the presentation of virtual Indian market, we are excited to welcome visitors and artists back to our beloved 99-year-old event,” she adds. “We will remain flexible and creative in our planning to align with COVID-safe practices in the state, but we are confident we’ll provide an event that will showcase the best of Native American art and delight visitors.”