The Santa Fe Police Department responded to reports of shots being fired in an area off Acequia Madre and Camino Del Monte Sol on the eastside Tuesday afternoon, redirecting traffic away from Acequia Madre at Paseo De Peralta and Canyon Road.

By 5 pm the department tweeted that they have a suspect in custody and the situation was resolved. Later in the evening, Deputy Chief Paul Joye issued a news release that named Jason Elliott, 49, as the person who " allegedly fired a round from his shotgun after a verbal altercation in a parking lot."

“Shortly after officers arrived on scene, while investigating the area, they heard another gunshot near their immediate vicinity, which caused them to take cover for safety reasons. Mr. Elliott was then seen fleeing the scene in his vehicle. Responding officers nearby located Mr. Elliott’s vehicle and conducted a high-risk traffic stop, at which point Mr. Elliot was detained without further incident,” the statement reads. 

Elliott is charged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault upon a peace officer and negligent use of a weapon.

A resident of the area, Chiara Brandi, says she was on her way home around 3 pm when she heard gunfire just as she stopped at the intersection of Acequia Madre and Camino Del Monte Sol.

"We were driving down Acequia Madre and when we stopped right at the stop sign there a gun shot went off and it sounded so close, almost like it was right next to the car," she says, adding that construction workers outside a nearby building ducked.

Brandi says two police vehicles were parked nearby.

Other neighbors reportedly heard a man arguing and shouting loudly just before a shot was fired.

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Gallerists and servers at restaurants on Canyon Road tell SFR they were notified to stay indoors around 3 pm because of the possibility of an active shooter.

"I've been here 20 years and you very rarely see emergency vehicles on Canyon Road. We just don't see police in active pursuit here, so that's why it was shocking," Deborah Fritz, GF Contemporary owner, tells SFR.

Multiple police vehicles were parked at the intersection of Camino Del Monte Sol and Canyon Road, and officers with long guns blocked traffic.

Around 4 pm, a Crisis Negotiation Team van arrived at the scene, and about 15 minutes later police could be heard over a megaphone addressing the shooter.

"This is the Santa Fe Police Department SWAT team. We have a search warrant for your residence, please come to the front door and follow instructions of the officers," officers announced.

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A few minutes later a flash bang went off. Brandi says she saw around six to eight officers enter a residence off of Camino del Monte Sol with a police dog. She says they exited the building around 15 minutes later and left the scene. One of the officers told Brandi police had a suspect in custody.

"They told us that man had been detained and his dogs were safe," she says, adding that neighbors had expressed concern over pets in the residence.

Just after 5 pm, the Santa Fe Police Department tweeted that the incident had been resolved and a suspect was in custody.