Monday's cannabis lovers holiday typically brings a celebratory atmosphere to Santa Fe's dispensaries, but this year will be different. All but one of the local licensed nonprofit producers appear to be skipping the parties.

"In an effort to encourage New Mexicans to continue to practice social distancing during this time, Best Daze will not have a 4/20 celebration," reads a message the Airport dispensary sent to patients Friday, noting the choice is intended to stem increased traffic to the storefront during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many dispensaries, it is offering curbside pickup only.

Ultra Health says no special deals are on offer Monday. A budtender at the dispensary told patients the state had discouraged such events.

Sacred Garden sent a message to patients earlier in the week explaining its 4/20 fun was on hold, too.

"Even amid great gloom, we're still looking forward to 4/20. However, we will not be having a celebration at any of our locations this year. We are just as disappointed as you that we cannot celebrate this important day in our culture and history," reads its email. "Hopefully you will find a safe and fun way to celebrate while you are at home or on the front lines."

CG sent a text message to patients Friday that noted "CG is postponing our 4/20 celebration until June or July."

Meanwhile, Fruit of the Earth Organics emailed patients about planned music and "free snacks" for a party in the parking lot as well as a free preroll joint, plus 20% discounts on edibles, cartridges, concentrates, tinctures, salves and smoking accessories. But noted "no discounts on flower due to limited supplies." The dispensary has also recently instituted a 1 ounce per patient, per week maximum purchase for flower.

Minerva promises to give back with its expected bump in sales. Food banks in each of the communities where it operates will get donations equaling 15% of the day's revenue. Shift has implemented a 20% discount on all products for the whole month of April.  Kure says its doctors are performing cannabis card renewal appointments via telemedicine.

New Mexicann plans to open at 9 am Monday, earlier than normal because it expects "to have more traffic than normal (whatever normal is these days)," reads its email to patients. "We will have a celebration for all when it's safe to be together again! Please celebrate safely."