Bicycle Repair Shops Named ‘Essential’

After outrage from the biking community and a push from Mayor Alan Webber, state decides to allow bicycle repair shops to stay open

Early this morning, after outrage from the biking community, a push from Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber and a story by SFR, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's office decided to let bicycle repair shops stay open.

"After conferring with the governor yesterday, we have decided to let bicycle repair shops stay open," wrote Matthew L. Garcia, general counsel for Lujan Grisham.

But there are conditions, according to emails obtained by SFR from Garcia to Webber.

Under the new orders, customers can't enter the bicycle shops, retail sales are banned, payments are to be made by credit card or debit card remotely; customers must leave and pick up bicycles outside the store; and the bikes have to be disinfected before being brought inside. Staff must also wear protective equipment and the stores have to be routinely disinfected.

The change came after Webber sent an email to the governor's office late Tuesday night.

"I have to say that if we're calling car repair essential, it makes sense to extend that to bicycles, motorcycles, other transportation," Webber wrote. "Is there a review opportunity?"

Apparently there was.

Read the list of other "essential" businesses here.

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