Though pretty much every Hollywood production scheduled to film in New Mexico has been delayed due to COVID-19, that hasn't stopped one of the the young stars of Netflix smash hit Stranger Things, which was slated to begin filming its fourth season in and around Santa Fe soon, from making a sizable donation to The Food Depot.

In an Instagram post from Monday, Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on the show, announced the donation was made by her family, saying that her "thoughts are with the great people and crew from Santa Fe…whom we didn't yet get to meet in our company move on Stranger Things."

"She made a really nice contribution that will translate to 20,000 meals," The Food Depot's Director of Development Jill Dixon tells SFR. "I think one of the things that's great—and obviously the financial contribution is amazing—is that it's so important for those of us who have voices that people listen to to speak out. I think she really took the initiative to do that."

The Food Depot has become a downright irreplaceable resource for Santa Feans facing food insecurity, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic forces countless locals out of work. In recent SFR food coverage, we highlighted the invaluable work being done at this harrowing time alongside other resources for locals.

To donate, please visit this link.