You know how everyone you ever meet in Santa Fe is always jibber-jabbering  about how our city is super-artsy, even though you've never said anything otherwise, and you, too, like art? Well, it turns out that we're all correct, and a new study says as much!

SMU DataArts at Dallas, Texas' Southern Methodist University announced this week that Santa Fe is at the very top of its Vibrancy Index Report for medium-sized communities for the second year in a row, meaning our little ol' medium sized town is a rather big deal. The report includes data culled from hundreds of communities across the country and evaluates the reports based on community size, ecosystem and economic drivers, such as contributed revenue from corporations and/or government entities which receive no direct benefit for contributions, among other factors.

"The exciting part about this is, not only were we number one in the medium sized community [category]," city Tourism Director Randy Randall tells SFR, "but on a per-capita basis, we were the top of all of them—outscoring New York and San Francisco, which doesn't surprise me because of the depth of the art market."

Indeed, the report says, "Regardless of community size, Santa Fe is actually the number one most arts-vibrant community across the nation, ranking in the top 1% of communities on overall Arts Providers, Arts Dollars and Government Support. To this day, this community celebrates its historical background, showcasing native arts as a cultural mainstay."

As anyone who visited events like Indian Market, Free Indian Market, the Ancestral Ink Tattoo Symposium or the We are the SEEDS market last weekend can attest, this is quite true, and that's not even counting mainstay museums like the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Art, the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.

"Santa Fe continues to solidify its reputation as a cultural and artistic center that has a unique energy of its own," says Mayor Alan Webber in an announcement issued by the city.