While perusing the internet, you know, as one does, I came across the following photo on the Santa Fe Bite Facebook page:

Given the sadness that occurred in October of last year when the legendary burger joint closed down in its second location at Garrett's Desert Inn—not to mention the gloating of all your Albuquerque friends when it was announced a couple weeks ago that Santa Fe Bite née Bobcat Bite would open down there, I'm feeling pretty smug today. I might even go back to eating meat.

"The Albuquerque location is thought of as our sister restaurant," longtime owner and burger chef John Eckre tells SFR, "and eventually the menus should be very close."

So far so good for Santa Fe Bite, even if it'll always be Bobcat Bite to me … in my heart. As for concerns about the storied cast iron grill Eckre has supposedly been using all this time?

"The original cast iron grill from the Bobcat has been broken for years and is no longer safe to use," he says. "We gave a cast iron grill to Albuquerque location and [I] am working on a replacement grill for our new location [in Santa Fe]."

Further, if you haven't figured it out already, the new location is set to inhabit the former Tecolote space (1616 St. Michael's Drive), which, of course, shut down earlier this year. Eckre also says he plans to use the same menu from the eatery's previous location, and that he'll attempt breakfast service six days a week.