Duel Brewing’s Equipment to be Auctioned Off

Landlords claim shuttered business owes $32K in unpaid rent, fees

Workers who levied claims against Duel Brewing owner Trent Edwards for failing to pay them when he shut the business down in late January are still waiting to get paid, and now, the brewery's landlord is taking formal action to  auction off many of its assets to recover more debt.

According to a public notice, the landlord has filed a lien against the brewery. Adams & Miller LTD plans to hold an auction for general beer brewing equipment, bottling machinery and other assorted personal property toward the amount of $31,552.91, which would encompass unpaid rent, fees, collection costs, etc.

No word on how or if this will affect the unpaid employees who, in February, collectively filed 10 claims with the state's Department of Workforce Solutions. At the time, department Secretary Bill McCamley told SFR that when it comes to businesses failing to pay employees, "there's not a difference between that and taking from someone's savings account." Former Duel employee Molly Wendland says she spoke with a Department of Workforce Solutions spokeswoman last week, but that no further details on the claims were available.

The public auction is set to be held on Friday April 26 at 9:30 am at Duel's former location, 1228 Parkway Drive.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story gave the wrong date for the auction. 

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