It's purely an exercise in hypotheticals, but when SFR sat down with former Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo, we had to ask her thoughts on the Entrada debate.

She's sad to see it go, and even had plans to speak at a meeting at her grandkids' school to voice her opposition to the district's decision to limit Fiesta Court visits to only classrooms that are currently studying New Mexico history.

What follows is her full response to SFR.

"Had it been me with a say-so then, I mean, when it all came to be, I would've probably focused on respecting each other's traditions. And that just happened to be one of the Spanish traditions. So, what would give one culture the right to say 'Well, we don't like it, so you shouldn't do it'? We all have a history of doing one thing that wasn't completely right to the other. We all have a history of that. But, you know, if you live in the past, you don't have a future. And so whatever has happened in the past, we should have overcome by now and let life go on. I think we need to respect each other's traditions. I would have approached it from that type of manner.

"Of course, I've always been able to get along with the Native American community anyway. And there are a lot of people in any culture who have strong opinions about the other and the other and the other. You know, opinions are okay … but my bottom line would be that I wouldn't bow down so easily. I would have tried to approach it from a [position of] let's try to respect the feelings and the differences. And keep our traditions alive. …

"It was bad enough, I mean, it was hard for me when they took Zozobra out of the first night of Fiestas. I was like, 'Ah, come on. Really?' It's like fear. It's not understanding each other. I'll never forget the one year that I think there was a shooting the first night of Fiestas. And that's why they moved it.

"Anyway, that would be my take on it. I think there's very little that can't be discussed and that can't be fixed. Or put it in a positive [light]. We should talk more. We should try to fix what's broken.

"I don't think stopping the Entrada or changing it is fixing something that was broken. I think that it was something that people had to sit down and understand, and then make decisions."

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