Space To Recover

The Santa Fe Recovery Center will have an open house tomorrow to celebrate its expansion

The Santa Fe Recovery Center is opening up its second location in the city tomorrow, part of a larger plan to increase its overall capacity for both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs.

It'll be an open house to "celebrate the move of outpatient and administration services" to a new building on Jaguar Drive, says Sylvia Barela, executive director of the center. Administrative offices and outpatient treatment services had already been transferred to the new space in February.

Tom Starke, vice chairman of the recovery center, says the reason for the expansion was to create more space at the original campus on Lucia Lane for inpatient clients.

"They've increased their capacity for residential treatment for people with alcohol and drug addiction, and are going to be able probably early next month to take women who want to bring small children to treatment with them," Stark says.

Allowing women to bring their children to residential treatment is new, Stark says, and fills a dire need: Women are more likely to enter treatment when they know they can bring their children. (He says the center hasn't seen a similar demand from men.) Few if any residential recovery centers in Northern New Mexico have the ability to take families, Stark says.

The Lucia Lane campus was closed for several months while the center added a 2,000-square-foot family support center. It also added a playground. The additional space can house 16 more clients. That brings the total number of beds to 39, with at least 10 made to hold parent and child.

The concurrent expansion of outpatient services, Stark says, comes as addiction in Santa Fe appears to be “morphing and changing.” He adds, “the problem is not getting better, let me put it that way. One can look at overdose rates, and they are holding steady to rising. And some people claim we’re seeing more meth as well, so it’s not just heroin and pills anymore.”

Berla says enhanced outpatient and inpatient services go together on a "continuum of care."

"Outpatient treatment is a step down, it's a community-based service, and it's a cost effective way to provide treatment services," whether on its own or after inpatient treatment.

The recovery center, which opened in 2005, also operates two transitional living spaces for 16 men, and a detox center at 2052 Galisteo Street where new patient assessments take place and detoxification services are offered.

Open House
3:00 PM Friday June 22. Free.
5321 Jaguar Drive

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