Santa Fe resident Lara Rabkin got a bit of a shock early Tuesday afternoon as she attempted to grab brunch at Bodega Prime (1291 San Felipe Ave.). Rather than the usual hustle and bustle of the popular midtown eatery, Rabkin instead discovered a handwritten sign taped to the door:

Lara Rabkin
Lara Rabkin

"I was shocked," Rabkin laments to SFR. "I just wanted some scrambled eggs."

But it's not as bad as it may seem. In an email newsletter obtained by SFR, Bodega Prime owner Noela Figueroa says that the restaurant will indeed be closing to the public on a regular basis, but that it will likely live on through private catering, pop-ups, classes and other events not yet announced. In the email, Figueroa says that "transitions are bittersweet and never easy. … I am grateful for your continued support." It is not clear when any of this will begin.

Bodega Prime opened in 2016 and was immediately well-liked among Santa Fe residents and foodies alike for its locally sourced meals and pre-packed foods. SFR named it one of the Top 10 local restaurants in our 2018 Restaurant Guide, saying that "the kitchen did get it just right," and we also recommended the restaurant's dips and spreads for a picnic in our recently-published Summer Guide.

Gift cards will reportedly still be redeemable for retail items and at future events with refunds available after July 15 for those who wish.

We've reached out to Figueroa for comment and will update this story if and when we hear back.