Santa Fe will choose its next mayor and name four city councilors in today's historic Municipal Election.

For the first time ever, voters will use a ranked-choice ballot system to determine winners. In the event no candidate earns 50 percent plus one vote, tabulation machines will recalculate the results by discarding votes for the last-ranked candidates and using those ballots' second choice until one candidate has more than half the votes.

Rather than voting at the long list of neighborhood polling places to which many voters are accustomed, the city will open 12 "voting convenience centers," where a voter from any district may cast a ballot:

1.  Montezuma Lodge, 431 Paseo de Peralta
2.  Gonzales Community School, 851 W. Alameda
3.  Salazar Elementary School, 1231 Apache Avenue
4.  Atalaya Elementary School, 721 Camino Cabra
5.  St. John's United Methodist Church, 1200 Old Pecos Trail
6.  Christian Life Church, 121 Siringo Road
7.  Nina Otero Community School, 5901 Herrera Drive
8.  Sweeney Elementary School, 4100 S. Meadows Road
9.  Southside Library, 6599 Jaguar Drive
10.  Nava Elementary School, 2655 Siringo Road
11.  Kearny Elementary School, 901 Avenida de las Campanas
12.  Genoveva Chavez Community Center, 3221 Rodeo Road

After requiring SFR to file a public records request for early and absentee voting totals Monday, the city said 7,913 people had returned absentee ballots or voted during early in-person balloting, which ended on Friday. The city said 125 absentee ballots had yet to be returned. The Santa Fe County Clerk has logged 54,155 voters who qualified for the election before the voter registration deadline in early February. That puts turnout at 14.6 percent so far, a lower total compared to the 37.5 percent turnout for last May's sugary-drink tax election (for which about 16 percent voted early and absentee).

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