And here endeth the mystery.

Harris News Inc., a company that purchased the deed to the former location of Mu Du Noodles at 1494 Cerrillos Road, will transform the location into a store specializing in clothing for women, particularly leather "for women who fancy themselves as motorcycle riders."

Company president John Coil says Cruisers Boutique will not feature private booths or adult theater screenings, nor will it sell adult DVDs. Instead, he says, the store will specialize in women's leatherwear, shoes and lingerie, as well as party and adult novelties.

By Coil's telling, it sounds like Cruisers will be something of a spicier, more eclectic version of the chain store Spencer's Gifts.

Cruisers could be open within a few weeks.

"There will be very few men coming in the store as customers," Coil tells SFR.

Coil's announcement on Friday ended weeks of speculation—featured in the July 19 issue of SFR—about what kind of business was moving into the former Cerrillos Road digs of Mu Du Noodles, an Asian restaurant.

Coil says Harris News employs about 350 people and operates 60 stores east of the Mississippi River in multiple states, many in small towns. Only four of them have "Sexually Oriented Business Licenses," including Arcade News on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe. However, Coil acknowledges that some of his businesses selling adult material do not have such licenses.

At publication time, a phone call to city of Santa Fe officials seeking comment had not been returned.