CEO Vince Kadlubek announced Thursday that sprawling permanent art installation, House of Eternal Return , is set to close for just under three weeks to allow new pieces and exhibits to be implemented. In addition to narrative clues and interactive musical instruments, visitors can expect a newly-minted featured exhibit from MW's first artist-in-residence, Oakland's Adam Drucker, aka

, formerly of hip-hop label/collective Anticon.

Dubbed "The Wilderness," Drucker's interactive room examines the concept of returning to nature. In the release, Drucker states, "I wonder sometimes what a life lived in only rooms, buildings and businesses has done to me [and] I find myself longing to eat with my face like lions do, to run like mouse from owl with all my life, to go wild and live with all of me at stake, not just hunt rent to keep myself in a safe place."
Woah. That's intense. 
Meow Wolf's grand re-opening is slated for Wednesday, Feb. 1, and y'all should probably let people know so they don't show up and get all mad about it or something.