Federal authorities say Santa Fe landlord Paula Anderson violated the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against a woman who wanted to live with her cat and her daughter.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced May 4 that it found merit in the October 2013 complaint. The now-former tenant, whose identity is protected by the agency, suffers from bipolar disorder and after moving into the rental property, made requests for her daughter and a therapy cat named Grace live with her. Anderson threatened eviction.

About a month after the woman moved in, the complaint states, Anderson entered the two-bedroom rental house to make repairs while the woman was out of town. She discovered the cat and texted the woman, saying she needed to evacuate by month's end because the cat was not allowed. The daughter then moved in during the course of the stressful fight over the lease.

Subsequent lawyering-up was followed by attempts to modify the lease over the summer, with the woman asking for reasonable accommodation of her request for her daughter and cat to live with her and give her the support she needed. Anderson, who could not be reached for comment for this story, then refused to comply and the woman, the daughter and the cat ultimately moved out in September, according to the complaint.

It is illegal under the Fair Housing Act to discriminate against or deny "reasonable accommodations" for persons with disabilities, and according to HUD, disabilities were the biggest basis of complaints for discrimination in 2014.

The charge now moves on to be heard by a US administrative law judge, who will determine if and how discrimination has occurred and what damages will be charged.

The news coincides with an upcoming meeting on May 13 to introduce a new housing "Bill of Rights" resolution in the Santa Fe area. The resolution, sponsored by local organization Chainbreaker, is intended to address housing issues in Santa Fe such as cost, fairness in leasing and protection from displacement, and seeks to make finding a home in Santa Fe a more affordable and safer process for everyone.