Police are investigating last night's shooting of prominent Santa Fe landlord Peter Komis, who was shot twice in the driveway of his home around 10:30 pm.

Santa Fe Police Department spokeswoman Celina Espinoza confirms that three to four men got out of a white vehicle and shot Komis in his lower regions at the 600 block of Don Gaspar Avenue. Komis, 52, is currently in the hospital in stable condition, Espinoza says.

The identity of the suspects, and the reason for why they shot Komis, remain unknown. Police are still checking to see if any surveillance of the crime exists.

SFR's calls to Komis' home and cellphone on Wednesday went unreturned.

Komis manages a building in the Plaza the rents retail space to Overland Sheepskin Co. and Diva Diamonds and Jewels. He wouldn't reveal how much he charges rent for the space for an SFR cover story published last year, though he said it was probably some of Santa Fe's most expensive real estate. The building is owned by a family trust.

Komis also briefly ran for City Council in District 2 earlier this year before dropping out of the race.

Espinoza says that the make and model of the white car are still unknown and that police don't have detail of what the passengers looked like. Komis, who was rushed to the hospital right after the shooting, will be interviewed again by police about the situation later this afternoon.

Currently, there are no known witnesses to the shooting other than the people involved, though police did question neighbors who heard the shots.

Espinoza says anyone who may have seen a white car with multiple passengers around the area last night should contact police dispatch, which can be reached at (505) 428-3710.