Make Way for the Indigenous Fine Art Market

The John Torres Nez-led event is set to take place Aug 21-23

Hot on the heels of news that another staffer publicly resigned from the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, a competing group has announced the dates of its "new market."

Paula Rivera, SWAIA Indian Market artist services associate, stepped down from the organization last week. Following the lead of several of her former co-workers and with "a heavy heart," Rivera made her decision public April 25 on her Facebook page.

Rivera further stated her "vision is not aligned with the SWAIA board" or that of its chief development officer Charlene Porsild.

The Indigenous Fine Art Market, with a location yet to be determined, will coincide with the 93rd annual installment of SWAIA's Indian Market, which goes on from Aug. 18 to 24.

"We discussed date options with IFAM artists and made a collective decision for it to take place on Thursday, August 21 to Saturday, August 23," Tailinh Agoyo, the new market's director of marketing and creative services tells SFR. "Many visitors arrive to Santa Fe earlier in the week and we wanted to provide a fantastic experience for them."

"IFAM is a celebration of native art and the cultures that inspire it," Agoyo continues. "It was born out of a positive movement by artists who want a voice in how their market is produced."

Alongside fine art, the juried show, she advances, will also include "cultural performance" areas that encompass "different stages representing tribal cultural diversity."

Joining Agoyo on the IFAM board are Rivera, as director of program operations, and John Torres Nez, as president.

The "Indigefam" also includes Phoenix-based artist Nanibaa Beck, who started a petition on earlier this month calling for a and Indian Market "shake-up," visual artists Ricardo Caté and Monty Singer and fine jewelers Gene Billie, Monty Claw, Darryl Dean Begay and Tonya June Rafael.

SWAIA has not released an official statement on the Indigenous Fine Art Market's inception. More on the story as it develops.

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