John and Bonnie Eckre, owners of Santa Fe's beloved burger joint Bobcat Bite, are moving to a new location, leaving an uncertain future for their current restaurant.---

The Eckres, who hope to start a new restaurant under a new name downtown, apparently couldn't work out a deal with their landlord.

"It's possible the landlord will bring someone else in (to takeover Bobcat Bite)," John Eckre tells SFR. "We're not sure who that might be or when that might be. We're really disappointed it has to be that way."

Located on the outskirts of the city on Old Las Vegas Highway, Bobcat Bite is known for its popular 10-ounce green chile burgers.

The Eckres are planning to serve their signature burgers at the new restaurant. "They'll be very good," John adds.

A family-owned restaurant, Bobcat Bite opened 50 years ago.

UPDATED: Bobcat Bite has since released a statement that the last day to get a burger at the Old Las Vegas Highway location under the Eckres will be June 9

According to the release, the Eckres couldn't enter a long-term lease with their landlord. At one point, the landlord told the Eckres that they didn't own Bobcat Bite, which came as a surprise.

"For over twelve years, the Eckres have been listed as registered owners of the business on both City and state business documents and associated tax reporting and bank accounts," the statement reads. "They have been identified as the Bobcat Bite restaurant owners in both local and national press, on the Internet, in specialty books, on their website, on the Food Channel and other media, all with full knowledge of the Panzer family."

The Eckres are planning to donate all their proceeds from their last day at Bobcat Bite to Kitchen Angels.

Read the full press release below: