SFR Editor Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

SFR's Editor Alexa Schirtzinger has been awarded Stanford University's prestigious John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship.

Schirtzinger will join 11 other journalists from the US as well as eight international fellows starting September 1.

"Although it will be hard for me to leave such a great job with amazing colleagues in a beautiful city, I'm thrilled to be offered this opportunity to transform journalism," Schirtzinger says.

The fellowship, now in its 48th year, fosters journalistic innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Schirtzinger's year-long project revolves around the development of "innovative strengths and contemporary challenges of the modern alternative weekly newspaper as a platform for exploring new revenue models in local journalism."

"Specifically," she explains, "I'm excited about spending the coming year researching how local news organizations are adapting and changing in a constantly shifting financial and journalistic environment—and then working to put together solutions so that alt-weeklies like the Santa Fe Reporter can continue to be the essential cultural institutions they've always been."

Other fellows include RedEye/MetroMix editor Tran Ha and Huffington Post senior books editor
Andrew Losowsky.

Schirtzinger (pictured bottom row, second from left in the Brady Bunch composite above) continues, "I'll miss Santa Fe a lot, but I hope my work at Stanford will benefit our community in the long run. And if you've made a career of writing me angry letters, please feel free to keep them coming."

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