Do you trust your neighbors? How about strangers? Do you feel energetic? ---The City of Santa Fe is asking these questions and more in a

during Sustainable Happiness Week (April 13-21). Measuring 10 subjects including time balance, access to culture and physical health, the survey asks one central question: Are you happy? The small, south Asian kingdom of Bhutan launched its Gross National Happiness index back in 1972; since then, others have


"This is a global movement," says Zélie Pollon of Happiness Santa Fe, a project of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy. "I think everyone is looking at the same thing. Their criteria might be different, but the idea is the same: What does bring people satisfaction and well-being?"

According to Pollon, Happiness Santa Fe will work with the city to review the survey results and brainstorm new policies to make Santa Feans happier. "We're really trying to expand the measure of success," Pollon says.

How happy are you?
Test yourself with these questions from the happiness survey.

1. During the past week, how much of the time did you have a lot of energy?

a) Very rarely or never

b) Rarely

c) Sometimes

d) Often

e) Very often or always

2. How many of your neighbors do you trust? Strangers? Businesses?

a) None of them

b) A few of them

c) Some of them

d) Most of them

e) All of them

3. If you lost a wallet or purse that contained $200, how likely do you feel you'd have it returned?

a) Not at all likely

b) Somewhat likely

c) Fairly likely

d) Very likely

e) Extremely likely