BREAKING: Lawyer, Lobbyist and Republican National Committeeman Pat Rogers Resigns from Abq Law Firm

After extensive reporting on emails sent by lawyer, lobbyist and Republican National Committeeman Patrick Rogers to members of Gov. Susana Martinez' staff, Rogers is stepping down from his post at Albuquerque's Modrall Sperling Law Firm.


In a media statement, RE Thompson, the firm's president, states, "Recent revelations of private e-mail communications have distracted from our mission, and Pat Rogers has tendered his resignation from the Firm. His resignation has been accepted, and we thank him for years of service on behalf of our clients." (Read the full statement below.)

SFR first reported on the email leak last month, in an extensive news story that examined Rogers' close relationships with many high-level staffers in Gov. Martinez' office.

More recently, liberal groups focused on an email Rogers sent apparently disparaging a meeting between Gov. Martinez and Native American leaders. Although Martinez and other party officials have echoed Rogers' own statement about the email, which he called "a poor attempt at humor," it was enough to prompt the All Indian Pueblo Council to call for Rogers' resignation from the RNC. Protests were planned for 5 pm today in front of Rogers' Albuquerque office. (Click here to read that email; scroll down to read the full extent of Rogers' leaked emails.)

Rogers, a Republican National Committeeman who has long been active in New Mexico politics, also served on the board of NMFOG before the emails were leaked. He resigned from that post in July.

SFR has a call in to Rogers and will update this post if/when we hear back.

Here's the full statement from Modrall Sperling President RE Thompson:

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